150WT Tungsten Halogen Floodlight

LY26-010-44 (White) or LY26-009-43 (Black)

The Lynteck halogen flood utilises a halogen quartz lamp providing low cost illumination for use in sports lighting, outdoor sales areas, sign lighting, security, building sites and many other applications. Housed in die-case aluminium with cast fins for efficient heat dissipation, it incorporates a heat resistant wiring box for easy installation.

General Specifications
Body and Frame Manufactured in cast aluminium and surface coated
Housing Die cast aluminium with cast in fins for efficient heat dissipation
Reflection Hammered or polished aluminium reflector to ensure wide and narrow optical distribution
Glass Lens Thermal shock and impact resistant clear tempered glass mounted in die cast aluminium door frame
Degree of Protection IP55
Colour Black or White
Power 240V ac
Weight 500g
Data Sheet