ES62 - 180° Twin Spot PIR

LY20-009-19 (White) or LY20-009-20 (Black)

This Motion Sensor Twinspots Floodlight is a unique indoor or outdoor lighting system for your home or business. At night, the built-in passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor turns on the lights when it detects motion in its coverage area. During the day, the built-in photocell saves electricity by deactivating the floodlight. An adjustable timer lets you select how long the floodlight stays on after activation.


  • Halogen 2 x 150W lighting load capacity
  • 180° wide angle of detection up to 12m
  • Operating mode : Off/Auto/manual Override
  • Ambient lux. setting adjustable
  • 5 secs to 12min adjustable
  • IP44 for outdoor/indoor use

General Specifications
Voltage Requirement AC220V - 240V / 60hz
Lighting Load Max. 2 x 150 Watts Par 38 Lamps (Incandescent)
Detection Range Max. 12m, 180° (20°C)
Swivel Angle Horizontal; Lamp Part 170° & Sensor Part 40°, N/A Vertical
Mounting Height Recommended 1.8m - 2.5m (Wall Mount)
Wall Switch Control On/Off Manual Override
Sensor Operation Auto
Time Adjustment 5sec - 12min. Adjustable
Lux. Adjustment 0 - 1000 Lux.
Waking Up Time About 60 Sec.
Working Temperature -20°C - 40°C
Protection Class Class II
Protection Rating IP44