Solar Powered Bellbox


  • Latest RF Design With 2 way Communication
  • Tamper Protected If The Solar Bell Is Attacked
  • Easy Install & Operate No Wiring From Panel
  • Selectable Dual Failsafe Cut-off Timer
  • Strobe Save Mode
  • Highly Sensitive Light Activated Solar Panel
  • No Connection To Any External Power Necessary
  • Easy To Connect With Any Control Panel
  • Powerful 110db Sounder
  • Fully Supervised

Bell Box Specification
Back plate Polycarbonate
Inner cover Polycarbonate
Cover 3mm Polycarbonate
Tamper protection Wall & screw
Sounder type Piezo
No. of sounders 1
Sounder output 110dB 1 metre
Sounder current ~220-330mA
Failsafe timer 3 minutes or 15 minutes
Strobe type Xenon
No. of strobes 1
Strobe current ~170-240mA
Strobe frequency 100 per minute
60 per minute when siren activated
1 per minute power save mode
Backup battery Rechargeable sealed lead acid
6V 1.3Ah
9V PP3 alkaline battery
Quiescent current 1.0mA
Total current in alarm <330mA
Radio transmission 433MHz transceiver
Comfort LED’s No
Trigger while monitoring Yes
Size 340mm X 200mm X 73mm
Cover colours White
Lens colour Blue
Bell Box Converter Specification
Housing ABS
Low battery detection Yes
Tamper protection Yes positive return
Quiescent current 25mA
Transmitting current 45mA
Radio transmission 433MHz transceiver
Supervision Supervision signal monitoring
Bell triggering Negative (factory pre-set)
Strobe triggering Negative (factory pre-set)
Voltage input 12vdc
Size 340mm X 200mm X 73mm
Colour White
European Standards
Electro-magnetic Compatibility (EMC) 89/336/EEC (Amended by 92/31/EEC and 93/68EEC) RoHS