Wired Alarm Panels

K6600 LCD Keypad


The K6600 LCD Remote Keypad is compatible with the ST6550 and the ST5500 control panels. Manufactured in resistant ABS plastic this stylish remote keypad is simple to operate, easy to install and fully programmable.


  • 16 X 2 segment LCD display
  • Up to 6 keypads per control panel
  • Back light illumination
  • Onboard personal alarm
  • Status LED indication

Technical Specifications
Display 16 X 2 backlit LCD
Operating Voltage 12Vdc
LCD light off 16.7mA
LCD light on 90mA
In alarm 70mA
Wiring 6 core multi stranded 7 X 0.20m²
Dimensions 135 X 108 X 80 X 30mm
Weight 200g