Wired Alarm Panels

ST5000 5 Zone LED Security Panel


  • Compact Design With On Board Keypad
  • 4 + 3 Fully Programmable Zones using 3 zone
  • Expansion board (LY69-017-75)
  • 1 Dedicated Tamper Zone
  • Momentary Remote Key Switch Option
  • Memory Recall Last 50 Activations
  • Audible Walk Test On All Zones
  • Full Guard Part Guard Arming
  • Optional LCD Remote Keypad
  • Optional Sleep Watch /Panic Remote Keypad
  • Grade I
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial

General Specifications
Zones 4 + 3 programmable zones, positive loop, with zone expansion board; 1 Dedicated tamper zone, negative loop
Arming/Disarming Through on board keypad, Through remote LCD Keypad, Momentary remote key switch option, Sleep watch remote keypad with panic
On Board Display Light Emitting Diodes
Automatic Reset On all zones with auto isolate on faulted zones
Alarm Memory 50 events through LED display also remote LCD keypad if connected
Walk Test Visual & audible on all zones
Protection Class EN50131-2-1: Grade I
Programme Timers
Full guard entry/exit delay 1-255 seconds
Part guard exit delay 1-255 seconds
Siren duration 1-99 minutes
Service timer, 6 weeks, 6 months, 12 months, 100, 200, 800 events
Programmable Functions
Full guard & part guard 4 + 3 fully
Programmable zones
Timed entry/exit, walk through, instant personal alarm, tamper, fire, secure final set, double knock, sleep watch disable/Isolate
Codes 6 user, 1 engineer
Quick set facility
Special switch positive
Exit strobe flashes
Engineer reset
Engineer code burn in
Push button final set
Service timer
Sleep watch part guard arming
Installer message displayed on LCD
Zone location names on LCD
European Standards
Conforms to European law (EU) Low Voltage Directives LVD 73/23/EEC (amended 93/68/EEC) and Electro-magnetic Compatibility (EMC) 89/336/EEC (Amended by 92/31/EEC and 93/68EEC) RoHS
Power Supply
Primary mains supply voltage rating 230Vac
Secondary input voltage rating 16.5Vac
Maximum current rating 900mA
Rechargeable backup battery 12Vdc
Sealed Lead Acid 1.3Ah
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -10ºC - + 50ºC
Storage temperature -20ºC - + 60ºC
Maximum humidity 95% non-condensing
EMC environment Residential/Commercial
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 230mm X 160mm X 80mm
Housing material Inflammable 94VO high impact ABS
Weight 1.30kgs
Electrical Specifications
Quiescent current 25mA
Alarm Current 150mA
Auxiliary voltage output 13.5Vdc
Switched positive voltage When low: 1.0Vdc, When high 12Vdc
Bell voltage output 12Vdc
Speaker voltage output 12Vdc
Internal sounder 0.25 watts 32 ohms
Positive loop threshold (zones1-7/tamper) Minimum open resistance: 70K, Maximum closed resistance: 10K
Negative loop threshold (system tamper) Minimum open resistance: 110K, Maximum closed resistance: 20K
K6600 LCD Remote Keypad
Display 16 X 2 backlit LCD
Operating Voltage 12Vdc
LCD light off 16.7mA
LCD light on 90mA
In alarm 70mA
Wiring 6 core multi stranded 7 X 0.20m²
Dimensions 135 X 108 X 80 X 30mm
Weight 200g
SL6600 LCD Remote Keypad
Operating Voltage 12Vdc
LED light off 16.7mA
Wiring 4 core multi stranded 7 X 0.20m²
Dimensions 135 X 80 X 30mm
Weight 200g