2 Wire Alarm Panels

LS400/LS800S Two-Wire PIR


The 2 wire PIR will detect the movement of heat and alarm in the event of any activation. It is simple to install and has the advantage of reverse polarity in that the cable cores can be connected into either of the two terminals.

It can be used with both the LS400 and LS800S to form part of a complete intruder alarm installation.

Technical Specification
Sensor Dual element pyro
Digital pulse count 1, 2 & 4 jumper selectable
LED enabled via jumper
Adjustable lens either wide angle or long range
Alarm period 2-3 seconds
Mounting height 2m
Operating temperature -0 to + 40ºC
Angle 105º X 110º
Distance 15 meters
Zone Number 64
Storage temperature -10 to + 50ºC
Plastic housing material ABS
Dimensions 100mm X 65mm X 45mm
Weight 100g