Titan RS Kit Accessories

100wt 110 Degree PIR Transmitter Lantern


The Titan PIR Transmitter Lantern is a unique lighting system for your home or business. At night, the built-in passive infrared (PIR) sensor turns on the Lantern when it detects a moving heat source in its coverage area. During the day, the built-in photocell sensor saves energy by deactivating the lantern. The TRS Lantern Transmitter is compatible with all TRS receivers. Upon a moving heat source being detected, it will illuminate for the length of preset duration and turn on the TRS receivers. After the elapse of the preset duration, it will turn itself and the receivers off.

Power Requirement AC 230V / 50Hz
Lighting Load Max. 100W Incandescent
Frequency 433MHz
Transmission Range 70m (in open space)
Detection Angle Up to 110° at 25° C
Detection Distance Up to 14m (45.9ft) at 25° C
Mounting Height Recommended 1.8-2.4m (5.9-7.8ft) Wall Mount
Wall Switch Control On /Off
LED Button Code learning & manual override setting
Time Adjustment 5sec. - 12 min.
Lux Adjustment 5-1000 lux
Warm Up Time About 1 min.
Protection Class I
Index of Protection IP44