Titan RS Remote Receiver Floodlight Kit


The Titan 500W Receiver Floodlight is part of a unique system for home or business use. During darkness, the built-in receiver activates the floodlight when a signal is received from a transmitter in the TRS range. During daylight, the built-in photocell sensor saves energy by deactivating the floodlight. This floodlight receiver is compatible with the entire range of TRS transmitters.

Power Requirement AC 230/240V 50Hz
TH Lamp Load Max. 500W TH Halogen Lamp
Additional Lighting Load 1000W Incandescent
Receiver Frequency 443MHz
Mounting Height Recommended 1.8 - 2.4m (5.9 - 7.8ft) Solid Wall Mount
Wall Switch Control On/Off
Learning Key Code learning, clearance of memory, manual off
Lux Adjustment 5 - 200 lux
Warm Up Time Approx. 1 minute
Index of Protection IP44