Titan RS PIR Floodlight Chime Kit


The battery operated Titan Chime / Alarm Receiver is part of a unique system for home or business use. The unit can be used as both a chime and an alarm sounder. The three way switch controls the unit with off, high or low volume positions. This Chime / Alarm Receiver is compatible with all TRS transmitters with the exception of the Remote Control Transmitter and the Transmitter Switch.

General Specifications
Power Requirement 3 x 1.5V AA Battery
Transmitter Frequency 433MHz
Mounting Height Recommended 1.8m - 2.4m (5.9 - 7.8ft) Solid Wall Mount
Switch Control Code learning & clearance of memory
Operating Mode Chime: 2 tone for 2 cycles, Alarm: Siren 30 seconds, silent 10 seconds, 10 cycles
Warm Up Time Approximately 10 seconds
Index of Protection IP21 Indoor Use Only