Smart Home Security System Accessories

13 Amp Plug Receiver


The Titan Plug Through Receiver is part of a unique lighting/security system for home or business use. The unit is designed to receive a signal from compatible Titan transmitters. When triggered the Titan Plug Through Receiver will switch the appliance plugged into the unit. Maximum switching capacity is 2990W (13 amps) resistive load or 1500W incandescent lighting or 600 watts fluorescent lighting.

Power Requirement AC 230/240v 50Hz
Switching Capacity 2990w (13 amps) resistive load or 1500w incandescent lighting or 600 watts fluorescent lighting
Receiver Frequency 433MHz
Code Button Code learning, clearance of memory, manual on / off, status LED
Warm Up Time Approximately 1 minute
Index of Protection IP21