Eco-Teck Linear Adaptors

6FT linear Adaptor 2 Piece c/w 21w Tube


A simple but effective way to replace existing T8 and T12 tubes with the more energy efficient T5. Remove the T8, retain the existing light fitting, and fit the T5 Eco-Teck convertor in it’s place to enjoy the reduction in energy costs without a reduction in light output. The initial costs of the convertor are often recovered within 12 months. This quick and easy conversion removes the need for expensive refits and gives the benefits of reduced lighting costs and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

General Specifications
Code ECT6
T5 Tube Wattage 42W
Existing Lighting T8 70W tube & ballast
Existing Power Used 84W
Linear Adapter ECT6 T5 with tube & ballast = 42W
Saved Energy 50.00%
Key Features
- Simple installation
- Dramatic savings on energy costs
- A green solution that benefits everybody
- All adaptors fit any luminaires sizes
- Recover installation costs in less than 12 months