Surface Occupancy Sensor


The Occupancy Sensor is a fully automatic indoor controller capable of controlling up to 2000W incandescent and 1500W fluorescent lighting, using a passive infrared sensor which reacts to changes in heat patterns created by movement.


  • 360° detection angle
  • Micro detection
  • Switches up to 6 amps
  • Linkable LS terminals for common load switching
  • Fits standard pattress box for ease of installation

Technical Details
  • PIR detection angle 360°
  • PIR detection range 5m radius major movement 3.0m radius micro movement
  • Lux level adjustment 30 - 200 Lux
  • Time delay adjustment 5 Secs to 40 Mins (10 Steps)
  • 6 amps maximum switching load
  • 3 wire connection live / neutral / load
  • Void depth 70mm minimum
  • Recommended mounting height 2.2 - 3.0m
  • Class 2
  • IP44 rated when installed
The Occupancy Sensor has two different settings:
Time Adjust This function controls how long the light will stay on after motion has been detected. This ranges from 5 seconds - 40 seconds.
LUX Adjust This function determines at what light level the light will start operating.
Detection Range